Sometimes you just want to cruise comfortable without a care in the world. If that sounds like a good time to you, then just wait until you ride one of our electric cruiser style bikes.


Stare down hilly commutes as you comfortably conquer them and smile with the breeze on your cheeks. Take the long way home and arrive anywhere without breaking a sweat!


The power and snappiness of the Tokul iE, perfectly suited for blazing single track runs and downhills, or the fat-tire traction machine of the all new, Magnus.

Iconic Name, Rich History

Make them really, really fun. This is an idea that inspired their very first bicycles back in 1887 and continues to inspire how Raleigh does things today. After all, fun makes people happy. And that's something we all proudly stand behind.

The Power of Bosch

Harmonious or powerful? This matters. The Bosch drive provides you with a unique eBike experience. Three sensors measure, over 1000 times per second, pedaling force, cadence and speed. This facilitates an organic interplay between rider and eBike.

Next Steps...

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